A new Balinese restaurant has arrived in Phnom Penh.

We bring you the culinary experience of the enchanted island of Bali, Indonesia to Phnom Penh! From our individual journeys, we bring our recollections of how, as children of the island, we interacted with our parents and grandparents. From our fondest memories, we bring the tradition of gathering together as a family and a community in many Balinese cultural celebrations. From cooking family recipes that have never actually been written down, that pass down from father to son, mother to daughter, we bring you the taste of our land. We hope the ambience at Baliku showcase flavors that accurately reflect Balinese’s heritage.


At Baliku our grill and stoves are mainly fueled by coconut husks giving out that distinctively sweet, smoky flavor enhancing the natural taste of seafood, meat, vegetables, whatever we cook for you. Coconut — husk, milk, charcoal — is the essence of our menu. We grill fish, chicken, ducks, we roast whole pigs over the Balinese Guling pit as well as a variety of beef, chicken, seafood and vegetables over flat grill. We  smoke many ingredients and our local partner bake our bread daily. As in Bali itself, it is all about balance: we believe any eating experience develops with the pairing of different dishes, particularly different side dishes, dressings and salads. Some of our menus are made for sharing, starting with some snacks, raw and vegetable dishes, followed by our traditional or innovative grill options, and finally sweets.

Cuisines, Sleeks and Arts

The setting, designed as a relaxed art gallery, invites diners to wander through the airy space, with artefacts floating all around you, suspended from the ceiling or on the walls. As gallery blends into restaurant, the central space is framed by the original concrete pillars and beams that we encased into Balinese-style wooden columns.


Working directly with suppliers, we source the freshest produce and ingredients available here in Cambodia. To the bounties of Cambodian farming, we add some typically Balinese and Indonesian spices such as candle nuts, nutmegs and some Balinese herbs. Our mixed drinks also have the Balinese touch, with some quite unique flavor combinations. Our wine cellar has rare  selections of Balinese wines also both New and Old Worlds vintages, with the recent addition of natural and bio dynamic wines


Date: Saturday, 15 April  2023 

Place: Baliku at L’Orangerie Restaurant, Koh Pich Street, Diamond Island 




Baliku at L'Orangerie Restaurant, Treellion Park,Koh Pich St, Diamond Island, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Opening hours

(Open Monday to Saturday - Sunday : Closed)
Lunch : 11AM - 2PM
Afternoon Tea: 2PM - 5PM
Dinner : 6PM - 10PM

Phone number

+855 89 990 369